Fridge And Freezer Repair

Loaction Appliance Repair

Loaction Appliance Repair is the number one Fridge and Freezer repair and installation service providers serving North Hollywood. We offer the best rates when it comes to appliance repair services. Also, we are providing our customers a quick and efficient service delivery. Therefore we guarantee our customers a professional fridge and freezer service.

You do not have to wait for months to have your fridge or freezer repaired. Just give us a call, we will arrive and troubleshoot the appliance. Then identify the cause of the problem, and quickly begin the repair. Also, with a quick access to fridge and freezer replacement parts, you are assured a fast and efficient service.

Fridge And Freezer Repair

Does your fridge or freezer make a strange noise when turned on? Contact Loaction Appliance Repair for an efficient fridge repair. We guarantee you genuine replacement parts for your fridge or freezer.

At Loaction Appliance Repair, we are affiliated to major brands. Therefore we have access to original spare parts for different fridge and freezer models. So whenever your fridge has a broken component, we can get it.

Loaction Appliance Repair comes with years of experience servicing different fridge and freezer models. We provide our customers accurate price quotations based on an upfront pricing model. Therefore, you do not expect any surprise. This in the form of additional costs when you come to us for fridge repair services.


Loaction Appliance Repair


We are the most qualified Fridge and Freezer Repair Experts in North Hollywood

At Loaction Appliance Repair, we provide our customer’s access to qualified appliance repair experts. Therefore, when your fridge or freezer is not working well, you are guaranteed that we will help bring the fridge or freezer back into shape. We understand how important these appliances remain to your household or commercial office, and so we are committed to ensuring a smooth operation.

Our qualified experts guarantee you the following when you choose us as the preferred North Hollywood Fridge and freezer repair.

  • We provide our services in a polite and respectful manner
  • Show up on time to ensure fridge is back in service, while are flexible to customers availability
  • Clean and uniformed fridge repair experts serving North Hollywood
  • We will ensure that we leave your home clean, leaving no trace behind.

Contact Loaction Appliance Repair today and enjoy the best services. At Loaction Appliance Repair, we are committed to customer satisfaction, while providing a professional and friendly service. Therefore, contact us for installation, repair and servicing of your fridge and freezer.

For the years that we have been in service, we continue to provide our customers professional and friendly services. To schedule a service, contact us through our office line (562)317-6251. Our telephone number is always on, and we are ready to provide the services. Schedule a service right away, and we will be there within a short time.