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When your appliance starts to make a strange noise, it is a serious cause of concern and you should not ignore. The best action you need to take is to hire as a professional for problem diagnosis and repair. That’s your local Appliance Repair North Hollywood citizens! When you contact Loaction Appliance Repair, we send professional appliance technicians equipped with a van. Which is loaded with original parts suitable for different appliances. Thus, you are assured that we will deliver a one-time solution ensuring your appliance operates normally.
We repair different home appliances including refrigeration equipment, garbage disposal repair, microwave repair, oven repair as well as range repair services. Call us on (562)317-6251 to book a service.


Appliance Repair & Installation Services

Garbage Disposal Repair

Every day, we use the garbage disposal system. However, sometimes it becomes unusable, especially when clogged or the motor is not functional. Loaction Appliances Repair is a licensed, insured and bonded garbage disposal repair company operating in North Hollywood region. We offer our customers efficient services by ensuring the unit is fully functional within the shortest period. Loaction Appliances Repair understands the functionality of different parts and components making up the garbage disposal system. Thus, we will make sure that we offer you high-quality services when it comes to repairing the garbage disposal system. When your system is clogged or the mortar cannot operate, contact Loaction Appliances Repair for immediate repair services.

Washer Repair Services

For in-home washer repair service, contact Loaction Appliances Repair. We provide our customers access to the skilled and experienced technical team who ensure a proper diagnosis procedure and issue you honest quotes for washer repair services. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable washer repair company, you will never go wrong if you choose Loaction Appliances Repair. We are a quick repairing company providing our customers with trusted services for all home appliances. Our technical team will arrive on time equipped with different parts for the washer repair service. Read more.

Refrigerator Repair

Loaction Appliances Repair offers professional prompt repair for faulty refrigerators. We service refrigerators by different manufacturers. Our technicians use original parts from the respective refrigerator manufacturer. We have the ability to service different refrigerators no matter the manufacturer or size of the refrigerator. Loaction Appliances Repair ensures 100% customer satisfaction through prompt response to customer inquiries as well as making sure that our customers are served right from home.

Range / Kitchen Hood

If you are looking for one call trade specialist offering range or kitchen hood repair, Loaction Appliances Repair id the most reliable service provider. We have been in the business of kitchen hood repair for decades and we understand the different problem areas that can result in the faulty range. Our company has built a reputation of trust ensuring that our customers are served on time. When you hire us, we will send qualified technicians helping you immediately and ensuring that the issue is resolved. Therefore, if your range seems problematic, contact your local appliance repair North Hollywood folks. So you can get fast and efficient solutions.

Microwave Repair

The microwave is an important appliance, especially in today’s busy life. It is used for food warming, and so having it fully functional is an important consideration. In the North Hollywood area, Loaction Appliances Repair offers professional appliances repair. We work with professionals who understand the functionality of the microwave and are equipped with appropriate tools and skills helping them to quickly detect the microwave problem. At Loaction Appliances Repair we respond quickly to customer concerns and ensure professional services. Therefore, when you contact us, you are assured the best microwave repair services.

Oven Repair Services

For experienced and skilled oven repair service providers, contact Loaction Appliances Repair. We repair different types of oven and our technicians are always equipped with the right tools for oven repair services. Therefore, you have assured quality services whenever you contact us. we have an ethical approach to every service that we are offering our customers. In that regard, when you call us, you are assured peace of mind. Our technicians offer in-home oven repair services for your convenience. this means that you do not have to take the oven to our workshop. Contact Loaction Appliances Repair for cheap and affordable oven repair services.


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I am delighted with the service that  Loaction Appliances Repair  has provided me for refrigerator and freezer repair. They took care of all my appliances and worked very carefully to find the error and remove it.

Joel Triaca

Loaction Appliances Repair provides the best services for refrigerator and freezer repair. They have been working in this field for a long time now.

Jett Gatehouse

Loaction Appliances Repair is the best service for range repair as I have used many services, and I found them to be the best.

Hunter Falleni

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